Adding Drama

A lot of folks are incorporating Feng Shui into their home décor, but there are other techniques for insuring that the energy in your home is just right. According to motivational specialist George Sison, one way to move forward with your life is to decorate your home according to the Chinese calendar. The Chinese New Year comes with the idea that life is filled with plenty as well as the possibility for greater prosperity in the coming year.

Each Chinese calendar year incorporates combinations of elements and animals. 2010 has been chosen as the Year of the Metal Tiger. Sison suggests that you get the most out of your living spaces by calling on the positive energies that are associated with the Metal Tiger.

Movie Set

To achieve the look, think about the characteristics that define this theme. In Asian culture, the tiger is revered, for it represents fire, passion, courage, power, daring and elegance. Metal, as an element, represents sharp intelligence and constant awareness.

In considering all of these qualities, a picture of the year as a time of drama and adventure begins to emerge. "That’s why your home should evoke the dramatic qualities of a stage or movie set," explains Sison.

Sison put this theory to work in his own home by installing a three-tiered waterfall. This design feature adds tremendous flair to Sison's living quarters. But you don't need to invest in pricey architectural features or renovate your home just to get the look. And you don't need to break the bank either.

Drawer Pulls

Drama is a concept that has different connotations for different people. The idea is to be daring according to your own standards. Even a splash of red by way of inexpensive kitchen drawer pulls can do the trick—as long as it's "you." Your home décor can only suit if it retains personal relevance. In other words, if you're not a waterfall kind of person, don't install a waterfall.

Clashing Colors

Color is a great way to bring in some of that bold energy. Don't be afraid to get a bit loud with the colors you choose. You might even think about using clashing colors to force some attention. Wallpaper is a quick way to change the look of a room. Use it on just one wall for greater impact.

Sison tells us that, "drama can be created through the contrasting presence of both the male and female energies."  According to Chinese philosophy, the essence of man is in his purposefulness, focus, and drive. These ideas can be incorporated into design through the use of strong colors and straight sharp lines. The essence of woman is nurturance, beauty, and playfulness. This can be expressed in your décor by using curved lines and lace, for instance. Incorporate an equal numbers of these qualities in your design to achieve balance. "If your rooms combine elements from these polar opposites, you’ll create much drama at home," says Sison.