Learn More about Area Rugs

If you are thinking about purchasing an area rug, you certainly have many options to consider. Area rugs today come in a vast variety of sizes, colors, patterns and materials. However, before choosing your area rug it is important to take into consideration the size of your space, your budget, the type of rug that you want and your purpose for the rug before making a purchase.

Rug Types

There are many different types of rugs that you can purchase. Natural fiber area rugs come from such materials as sea grass, hemp, bamboo and more. They are great both for indoor and outdoor use. They are very popular with homeowners who are worried about the environment, as they come from natural resources. They are great in casual areas of the home, but should not be used in high traffic locations. They are difficult to clean and wear down under much use. If you're looking for something inexpensive but fun, a woven patterned area rug can be just the thing. These come in all sorts of decorations and colors and are very inexpensive. For a beautiful look you might select Persian or Oriental rugs. Persian rugs come from Iran and their rug making techniques date back several thousand years. Most of these rugs are made from wool or silk and they will last for years of excellent use. Oriental rugs are made in China, India and Iran, as well as in other Asian countries. Similar to the Persian rugs, these rugs are made of silk or wool and will withstand years of constant use. For a nice look without spending a fortune, you can purchase a faux Oriental area rug. These are machine made rugs that look like the original Oriental rugs. They are often made of wool and will last for quite a long time. They are a great choice if you want the look of an Oriental or Persian rug without the price tag.

Care for your Area Rug

Most rugs can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and a sweeper brush. Only old rugs and ones that need repairs shouldn't be handled with these tools. For most rugs, you simply need to vacuum or sweep in the direction of the pile. Pay attention to the fringes on the rug if you're using a powerful vacuum cleaner. Every three to eight months you'll want to turn the rug over and clean the underside with a vacuum or sweeper as well. This will allow the grit and dirt to fall off the rug and to be vacuumed up. Then, turn the rug back to its front side and clean as usual. If you're going to wash your rug, it's usually recommended that you give the rug to a professional. They know how to wash the rug so that the colors stay and so that the material does not become moist or damaged. If, however, you decide to wash the rug yourself, follow these guidelines. Only wash the carpet once a year and don't leave it damp. If you begin to clean the carpet, you need to finish. Wash it thoroughly and leave it in the sun to dry quickly. Use a bath tub, when possible, to wash the rug. Wash it using a soft brush, a good wool shampoo and detergent, and a cup of vinegar. Once you've finished washing the rug, make sure to thoroughly rinse it with water. Leave it drying on a level surface and make sure that it dries all the way before bringing it back into the house.  You can also hire a professional who will come to your home and wash your rug with a special machine designed especially for this purpose.

Tips for Purchasing a New Area Rug

Visually, you want your rug to be appealing. Rugs that are hand-spun and have hand-dyed yarn are usually more appealing. These rugs often have a wave effect on the eyes when you look at them. When purchasing a rug, look at it and consider if it comes to life and has a richness and depth to it. See if the colors are vibrant and if the texture is appealing. You'll undoubtedly want your rug to withstand a good deal of wear and tear. Ask the seller about the cleaning needs of the rug and the durability. Inferior wool will wear faster and won't hold up as well when cleaned. Before buying a high quality rug, check if it has a certificate of authenticity. This certificate will attest to the construction of the rug and the materials used. Keep this certificate in case you want to sell the rug at some point.

This is a purchase that you'll want to enjoy for years of great use. Take the time to find exactly the type of area rug that you desire for your décor, your taste and your space. Then sit back and enjoy the new ambiance you've created in your home!