Add An Asian Flair To Your Home

Do you admire the simple, yet elegant Asian decorating style? This simplistic design is surprisingly difficult to re-create, as people have a tendency to add too many accessories to the room in an effort to create a more authentic rendition of the true Asian style. As you create your Asian themed room, remember that this style is one where less definitely is more.

Asian inspired colors are crisp and clean. Black and white colors are used frequently, but Chinese red and jade green are also common in their decorating themes. China blue and rich gold colors are perfect for accessory colors to round off your overall design.


oriental blossomSurprisingly enough, this style rarely uses Oriental rugs as you might have supposed. Instead, these rooms traditionally feature simple white rugs or natural fiber rugs - again less being more with this decorating style.

To create the feel of an Asian themed room, you can use Rattan pieces with loose cushions or rich, dark wood pieces. Black furniture and leather pieces with sleek lines also blend well with this style. Red, aquamarine, or gold silk pillows really add a splash of color to these pieces of furniture.

There are so many great Asian accessories, that the problem is not finding accessories. It is choosing the right ones. There are a wide range of Asian inspired urns and vases available on the market. Two or three of these pieces really help bring the room to life. Don't forget to put a piece of lucky bamboo in one of the vases.

Water is such an important element in Asian themes that a fountain is almost a necessity when you are finishing off the room. This obviously doesn't need to be a massive fountain but just something subtle that conveys the water feature messasge.


Finally, be sure to add a few candles to the room - this truly adds the finishing touch to any Asian inspired room. Once the room is complete, you will be able to relax and enjoy the serenity of your new space.




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