Outdoor Storage Gets A Makeover

When you think of outdoor storage it’s usually ugly metal sheds or big plastic storage bins that come to mind. People—women—often see outdoor storage and sheds as an unsightly waste of green space that takes away from the beauty of the property, but that is no longer the case.

Outdoor Storage Made Pretty

The options available when it comes to outdoor storage buildings and containers are incredible with things like cedar sheds that look like mini chalets reminiscent of those in the Alps or beautiful benches and boxes that add to curb appeal instead of detracting from it.

Choosing your outdoor storage is no longer based on need but rather your taste too. Have a look at various types of sheds and other storage solutions for the outside and get a feel for what’s available. Keep in mind the size of your yard or deck when choosing your storage so that you can get something that fits well without overpowering your space. Keeping your home’s color scheme in mind is also important for choosing outdoor storage especially if a shed is the way you’re going to go. Pick a paint and trim color for your shed that match your home so that it really looks like an extension of the home and not just some building that was slapped down in your yard. Putting the time and effort into choosing things like color and other little details and accents like windows, window boxes and maybe some gingerbread trim can really help to take your storage shed to the next level and make it something that you and others love to look at!

Keeping the Integrity of the Garden

Just because you need to add some storage space to your beloved garden doesn’t mean that you have to lose the tranquil oasis that you worked so hard to create! Wooden storage containers can be dressed up with a complimentary stain, some beautiful flower pots on top or even by hanging vintage garden tools along the outside of the bins to make them look like they belong. Add a cushion that goes well with your patio furniture and use the bin as extra seating! No one will ever know that the beautiful ‘bench’ or ‘ottoman’ they’re enjoying is actually hiding away your ice skates and tools!

Use a little imagination when choosing your outdoor storage and browse the internet for some inspiration. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make your outdoor storage a beautiful part of your home and garden.