Bedroom Sets

Want to put together the perfect bedroom? Are you looking for a coordinated bedroom look, classic or contemporary? Nothing says beauty in the bedroom as eloquently as bedroom sets. There are bedroom sets for adults, bedroom sets for teenagers, bedroom sets for toddlers and infants, and kids' bedroom sets. Since every individual has their own tastes and interests in bedroom décor, today's bed industry offers a wide array of bedroom sets to satisfy every need, please every preference, and meet every budget.

Bedroom sets provide a unified look among bedroom furniture, yet at the same time not every piece in the set looks the same. When it comes to decorating with bedroom sets, both the "whole" and the "parts" are equally great. There is no rule as to which bedroom furniture pieces are included in any given set, yet bedroom sets typically include:

•- Bed

•- Nightstand (or two nightstands)

•- Dresser

•- Mirror

However bedroom sets may also incorporate a desk, chair, bunk bed, toy chest, wastepaper basket, footstool, headboard, lamp, and more.

Modern Bedroom Sets

Modern bedroom sets are an eclectic group of furniture collections which feature a wide range of contemporary styles, materials, colors, and finishes. With their innovative designs and looks as varied as elaborate and ornate to minimalist and simple, anything goes in modern bedroom décor. For high-class and posh, look for exclusive bedroom sets made by top European and Italian designers. For a more New Age, yuppie, or trendy bent, consider platform bedroom sets, metal bedroom sets, sleigh bedroom sets, or you can mix and match furniture pieces for a custom collection and make a one-of-a-kind fashion statement.

Storage Bedroom Sets

In an age where space is at an all-time premium, storage beds, specifically designed for optimal organization, accessibility, and expanded display and storage space, are quickly becoming a favorite. With a storage bed you get extra roominess without the expense of major renovations. Select a style to satisfy your tastes, a size to suit your needs, and for a down-to-earth price you can make your bedroom dreams come true.

Platform Bed Sets

In styles as diverse as country, casual, Oriental, and contemporary, platform bedroom sets are popular picks amongst people of all ages and combine bedroom dressers, chests, armoires, nightstands, and mirrors in an eye-catching and eye-appealing manner. You can personalize any bedroom space with a finely crafted piece of platform furniture made to the highest standards in the industry. Featuring great quality, great looks, and great prices, you and your bedroom are in for a great ride with these modern classics.

Wood Bedroom Sets

The advantages of decorating with wood are no less warming and wonderful in the bedroom. In finishes ranging from light to deep tones or bright to white paint, wood bedroom sets feature a classic look and great versatility. Decorating with wood provides ample opportunity to add new furniture pieces to an existing set, create new spaces, decorate existing pieces, or build your own bedroom furniture. You'll never go wrong choosing wood for your exclusive bedroom collection.

Sleigh Bedroom Sets

Featuring a uniquely curved bed with a sleigh-like scrolled headboard and footboard and either a low or high frame, sleigh bedroom sets are works of art to behold and pieces of beauty to be had. With each piece displaying quality craftsmanship and perfected tones and finishes, you can mix and match sleigh bedroom set furniture and create your own signature collection.

Canopy Bedroom Sets

For a look that is as versatile and old as it is ageless and popular, consider a canopy bedroom set. Often used to decorate a young or teenaged girls' bedroom, a guest bedroom, a romantic master bedroom, or an elegant luxury bedroom, canopy bedroom sets make bedtime an anticipated event and an unforgettable experience. For a look that never goes out of style, for a bed you will love to sleep in, canopy bedroom sets are here to stay.

More Bedroom Sets

For more bedroom set ideas, look for children's bedroom sets, leather bedroom sets, metal bedroom sets, country bedroom sets, poster bedroom sets, and more. If you have a vision of your ideal bedroom set, design it yourself and have it custom-made.

Bedding Sets

Finally, if you can't afford or want to avoid the expense of new bedroom furniture, you can give your bedroom a magnificent makeover with a new bedding set. In addition to sheets, pillow cases, fitted sheets, and covers, look for matching duvets, shams, bed skirts, and other bed accessories. For comfort, quality, and the designer look of your choice, bedding sets are the ultimate sleeping solution.