Blending In: Storage Decor

The trend today is to blend the old and new to create a feeling of warmth, a kind of cocoon, but one in which contemporary fittings are right at home. That means lots of warm colors, old-fashioned accessories that evoke nostalgia, and classical textures. But punch it up with some contemporary style. A great place to start is with storage pieces. You can use them to add some zest to a ho-hum environment as they tie in the disparate elements of your room.


Right now, jewel tones are very popular, and include purples, greens, and blues. But golden yellow is very hot now, too, and is a fabulous complement to the jewel tones. So, if your room is jewel-toned, try some golden yellow lacquer, plastic, leather, or painted wood storage bins. Another popular color scheme is dark reds and blues, somewhat reminiscent of the American flag. If you want to bring in a feeling of Americana in a dark blue room, bring in some dark red elements, perhaps a painted metal two-drawer file cabinet, or a dark red tablecloth on a round table to create under the table storage while giving a nod via your décor to patriotism. It's in right now.

Once neutral color schemes were all the range, but these are officially out. Instead, home decorators are going for warmer colors, for instance avocado, terra cotta, and harvest gold. These colors still give the flexibility of neutrals while making your home a cozy haven. Any warm-colored storage solution is going to fit in well with these schemes. These colors tend to work with each other no matter which color you start out with.

The Tree Effect

You might try to think of the lower parts of your house as the trees, which need to be darker, and as the eye moves up, the upper parts of your home represent the sky, or the lighter part. To imitate nature's own design in your home, use dark storage bins and furniture, with a white or light blue ceiling. This creates an effect that is dramatic and comforting at one and the same time.

Make a storage bin look homey by covering it with Grandma's old piano scarf, and use a trunk as a combination coffee table and storage area, but set old family photos atop the trunk to give a sense of nostalgia to your room. These are the touches that give us a sense of belonging.

Physical texture, like the aforementioned piano scarf can help bring in a sense of classicism and traditionalism. You may want to cover an open storage bin with crewel-embroidery studded muslin, or a family plaid. Strong, warm colors can also give a rich feeling of tradition, for instance chocolate, oxblood, and tan. Try incorporating one of these colors in your storage solutions, either with paint, cloth, or plastic.