How to Choose Window Treatments

Window treatments can change the look and feel of a room in a matter of minutes so learning how to choose window treatments is important. The impact that the right window treatment can have can be whatever you want it to be and it just involves taking a few key points into consideration in order to get the right window treatment for you.

Things to Consider When Choosing Window Treatments

Privacy:  As important a role as window treatments play in your decor, for most, window treatments are about adding a certain level of privacy to a room. Think about what your need for privacy is. For example; someone looking for a window treatment for a room that faces the street would have different needs than one whose room faces a private backyard or is several stories high.

Light: Think about the amount of light that you want your window treatment to block. You may prefer a heavier or even blackout window treatment in the bedroom and something lighter in a room that you won’t be trying to get some sleep in on a sunny morning. Remember also that the amount of light let in by your window treatments plays a big role in mood and appearance of your room.

Size of your window: Of course, being sure of the size of the window you’re covering is a must. Measure and then measure again to be sure before purchasing window treatments. And, don’t forget to consider your ceiling height in order to ensure that your window coverings will fall where you want them to.

Type(s) of window coverings: Window coverings include everything from simple blinds to elaborate and luxurious curtains and drapes so you need to think about what you want beforehand to avoid being overwhelmed when you shop. Do you want or need blinds? Are fabric panels going to provide all the privacy that you need? Or do you want both?

Style: Now comes the fun part! Think of the room that you’re choosing window treatments for and what colors, patterns or styles you’re attracted to. It’s not important that your window treatments “match”, but rather that they “go” with the rest of your decor. This means a lot more freedom and options when you shop for window treatments. Have fun; don’t be afraid to mix patterns and colors as long as they compliment the rest of the decor.