Window Coverings For Sliding Doors

Can't Decide-Blessing Or Curse?

Sliding doors can be a blessing or a curse-it just depends. They can be very practical and functional, but they also have the potential to be an eyesore. Then, there's always the fact that they can also cost you money through heat loss. Regardless whether you have one sliding door to the back yard, or multiple doors, careful consideration to coverings will help you control the potential for disarray that can come with these big glass window/doors. You'll have to think about a couple of things when deciding how to cover your sliding doors. First, how much traffic goes through those doors and second, how much light are you willing to have come through the windows?

You must have a good sense of proportion when working with sliding glass doors. If the room already has a large feature wall, a fireplace or vaulted ceiling, then the sliding door can throw the balance of the room off. If not, then the door can be made the focal point, especially if it opens onto a patio or garden. If the door commands attention, then you can work with it to create a stunning feature area by incorporating one of our suggestions.

Go East, And Find An Answer

The Japanese mastered the idea of a sliding door with rice paper mounted on wooden frames. You can take the idea of a shoji screen and either hide the glass behind it, or actually mount shoji sliding doors in front of your glass doors. The glass is then hidden and the effect is soft and private, with a shoji on the inside and the practicality of glass on the outside of the house. Or, you could create your own screen using great fabric mounted on wooden frames. You can then pick the mood and create the desired effect to compliment the decor.

Vertical Shades, Mosaic Blinds And Simple Swags

Vertical shades are now available which slide horizontally on a sideways track. They are a subtle way to update your look and deal with your great big door at the same time. There are also the standard vertical shades that come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics. While the style has been around for a long time, they can be a great source of decor sense.

One idea that is a favorite is mounting several shades across the window and pulling them down to varying lengths. Doing this creates interest and a very modern look. You can use opaque material which will let in the light, or go for something more solid that will contrast your room decor and act as an accent or feature wall.

If you aren't bothered by the amount of light that comes in through the glass doors, then a quick, easy and effective way to deal with it is by hanging a lovely swag curtain across the top of the door. Just be sure it is hung high enough that traffic going in and out isn't hitting it.