Sand in Your Shoes

There's just something about being on the beach. The warm sand, a forever stretch of blue, both above and below, and a few fluffy white clouds sailing by, give us permission to take a trip to another place and time in our minds as we relax and take it in. You can transform you home, regardless of where you live, into your own private seaside escape without a great deal of difficulty.  Find out how.

The Color of Calm Seas and Soft Sands

Color is critical when it comes to creating a beach theme in your home. Don't rush into choosing your wall color, take all the time you need so you'll be happy with it for years to come. When you think about the beach, what colors come to mind? Pale, warm gold and tan sand, the soft blue of the sky in graduated color as it rises from the aquamarine water as far as they eye can see are some of the colors that pop into your mind.

Creating the Mood with Paint

Color is the most important part of the equation and it is what creates the relaxing mood of the beach. You'll be looking for pale blues - not the tuxedo blue of the 1970s - rather pick up several paint chips from your local paint store. You'll see there is a huge variety of blue to choose from. When looking for the color of sand, it's a good idea to get a jar of sand from a local beach - or, if there isn't one nearby, purchase some from a local crafts store. Take the jar home and set it in a place where it will receive good natural light. Notice the variety of color that is there. Shimmering gold and light tan, darker shades of tan and even some black and dark brown. Ultra white is next. Don't use tinted white, antique white or ivory. You'll want to purchase "ultra pure white" paint. You won't want to compromise on this one.

How to Make It Work

When it comes to actually painting the walls, you can choose from a number of different combinations. For instance, you can paint the walls ultra white and the trim either pale blue or sandy colored tan. If you decide to paint the walls blue, it is best to use white for the trim, giving your room a crisp, fresh feel. Sandy tan walls should have white trim as well. While the tan/blue combination is lovely, it will detract from pictures and wall hangings which will compete with the paint. We're after a relaxed feel, not conflict.

Finishing Touches, The Right Accessories

Accent your space with pictures in frames painted the same color as the trim in your room. It sounds boring, but the effect is stunning. Use frames you already have and just spray paint them in the right color. What's a beach without shells? If you live close enough to a beach to be able to collect your own, then enjoy yourself as you collect them. If you have to go to a crafts store, you will often find that you can purchase shells in all kinds of shapes and colors. Display them in a clear glass or acrylic jar or vase. Cover the windows with sheer curtains in one of the main colors of your room. You can layer the colors if you like, which will offer a wispy, windswept feeling when the windows are open and a breeze is blowing.

Keep it simple and uncluttered, choose only your favorite pictures for the walls and you will be able to create your own beach escape.