Creating Storage Space In The Bathroom

Generally speaking, the bathroom is not usually the biggest room in the house, but it does happen to be the one room where we like to store a massive amount of important, constantly used items. It isn't hard to run out of space in the bathroom so, in this article, we'll take a look at a variety of different options to create storage space.

Behind The Scene

Come at it from behind. Behind the door, that is. The bathroom door presents an excellent space for storage and if you paint it with magnetic paint you will have created an attractive surface on which to hang towel hooks and metal discs. You can install towel racks and hang a bag with individual pockets for storage of shampoo, soaps and toiletries.

Shelves Come In Many Shapes And Sizes

The most obvious storage units are shelves which can be installed off the floor to avoid using up floor space, and baskets or containers can be utilized to increase storage capacity even more. If your space is really tight, here's a great idea. Use a tall pot rack in a corner space and fill bowls with bathroom goodies. Stack rolled towels on some of the shelves and you've created a terrific storage space that looks good as well.

Baskets And Boxes Make For Cool Storage

Many bathrooms lack a medicine cabinet. You can replace the large mirror with a mirrored cabinet or use wall space to put one up, perhaps over the toilet. Nesting baskets are a great option for storing everyday essentials and keeping clutter at bay. Hang a key tag on individual storage boxes to personalize them and that way everyone has their own place for their stuff, all the while keeping things out of sight.

If fitting toiletries on shelves leaves you feeling like you're battling a huge jigsaw puzzle, try using adjustable shelves that fit on a wall piece which allows for positioning of shelves at your discretion. You can customize the shelving unit for your specific needs.

Don't Allow Your Gray Matter To Limit You

Who says that kitchen-inspired storage systems have to stay in the kitchen? Metal rods originally designed to hold cooking utensils can be installed in the bathroom shower area to hold your shower products.

A freestanding cabinet can be your best choice for a closet stand-in. You can get unfinished furniture at the local home center or perhaps get a great deal at a garage sale. Again, don't be limited by thinking that certain furniture can only be used in originally designated areas. A pie safe, repainted, makes a great linen and toiletry unit in the bathroom.

You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to storage space. You can choose the same old styles of storage provided by the local discount centers or you can, once again, take furniture from one spot and recreate its purpose for bathroom storage. Boxes, trays, jars and even desktop organizers from the office supply store can all serve the purpose, and your creativity will shine through when you use them.