Your Own Office Space

They're a Win-Win Situation

Not only are home offices flourishing as a result of people wanting to get out of the rat race, they are much more cost effective for businesses as well. Today, many large companies employ staff from around the world, via the Internet. They have a much larger resource pool to choose from and people are able to work from a place that offers them comfort and reduced costs. Add the fact that you can write-off most of the cost of the home office, and you've got a real winner.

I'm An Engineer - Not a Designer!

So then, how does one go about furnishing a home office? Most people who work from home are not interior decorators/designers and often end up with a work space that is less than conducive to their needs. The idea that it would be great to work from home can take a beating if the space is not functional or pleasant to be in. Do you have to go out and buy a room full of furniture to make it happen?

The answer to that is, No, you only have to buy new furniture if you want to. What is most important is to establish all of the functions that will happen in your office space and then decide what pieces of furniture will best fill your needs. Will this room double as anything other than your office? Say, a guest room or study? Will the kids use it as a TV room when you are not working? These are all important things to decide as they will impact the type of furnishings you will have in your space.

It's My Space - I'm Not Sharing

Let's say you have decided that this will be your exclusive office space. You have chosen a room in your house that will serve as your office and you aren't sharing it with anyone. There are a few basic things you'll have to ensure before you move forward. Do you have enough electrical outlets and phone jacks? Make sure you have protection for power surges and ensure cords for connecting the computer and its components are long enough. It might be a good idea to get some conduit material to hide all of the cords and wiring.

Now you're ready to furnish the space.

Unconventional Furniture is Comfortable

You needn't have a conventional desk in order to have a work surface. If you have a lovely table that fits well with the décor of your house, then it can serve as a desk. Is it necessary that your chair has wheels? If the answer is no, then you can choose a very comfortable chair with good back support that will match your desk and the other furnishings you will put in your office. This can serve as your focal point and by arranging the room in an L or U shape, you can have all you need within easy reach.

Where to Store Your Stuff

Shelving can be added by buying or building beautiful bookcases and book cabinets. You can use them to store necessary stationary, collectibles and work-related items. If you need filing space, a chest of with very deep drawers works well. Or, you can purchase built-in shelving and do-it-yourself cabinets to do the job.

Lights, Carpets, Action

Lighting is very important and should be a high consideration. A desk lamp or reading lamp to sit on the table is not only functional, it adds to the décor. Finish the space with a great rug and you've got a wonderful space to work from.