A Few More Hiding Places

I Still Don't Have Enough Space

We all seem to be short-changed these days when it comes to storage spaces in our homes or apartments. By taking the time to really look around your living space, you can begin to come up with some creative ideas for concealing items that need to be stored. It isn't always necessary to go out and spend a ton of money on fancy cupboards, nor must you renovate your space to create storage. We have a few more ideas you can utilize as simple solutions to your storage problems.

Murphy's Law-Close The Door And It Multiplies

What woman doesn't have a problem with her closet? Somehow, the clothing you put in there multiplies and goes wild the minute you close the closet door. There are some easy ways to address this situation in order to be able to fit more into your closet without crushing your clothing. If possible, plan storage so that it goes all the way up to the ceiling. That way you can stow suitcases, out-of-season items, and those things you rarely use but don't want to let go of yet. Add hooks to the back of the closet doors for belts and ties. Use shoe organizers to keep things orderly on the floor. Increase closet space by putting an inexpensive cardboard or plastic drawer unit in the closet. One sure way to create more space is by going through your clothing and giving the things you haven't worn in a year to charity. Everyone benefits. Clothing takes up less space when it is hung in tiers. This especially works with men's clothing-shirts on upper tier, pants on the bottom tier.

Easy Solutions To Kitchen Storage Problems

No matter how many cupboards we have in the kitchen, it never seems to be enough. Here are some space-saving tips to increase storage in this very busy place in your home. Corner cabinets tend to waste space, so fit yours with a lazy Susan carousel or ¾ circle shape shelves. Deep cabinets have a lot of lost space as well. Using pullout shelves or baskets helps to address this waste of space. Taller shelves can be fitted with stacking platforms to utilize the space and if you go into any of the larger discount stores, you should be able to find ready-made organizers that will fit right into your cupboards. Vertical wall space can be optimized by installing a grid system or a few hooks to hang utensils or pots and pans. Put the frequently used items from your utensil drawers into a crock or canister close to the stove. The oven makes a great storage place for seldom-used pots and pans - just remember to take them out before you turn on the oven! A folding step stool can help you reach hard-to-get-to places and won't take up a lot of extra space itself. A bulletin board or magnetic board in the kitchen can easily reduce paper clutter on the counters.

Give Yourself Permission To Be Creative

These are just a few of the many ideas which can help you organize your home and make better use of your living space. Try them out and before long you'll likely have a few original ideas of your own.