It's The Kids' Bathroom

Most people who have had children can remember apologizing to their company when someone went to use the washroom. The general phrase went something like this: "Sorry about the mess, it's the kids' bathroom and I didn't get to it in time."

Doing A Special Bathroom For This Kid

There are some basic considerations if you are planning to "do" a bathroom for the kids. First of all, remember that the decorating theme will probably be changing rapidly as the children grow. Furry critters might be great when they're five, but a twelve-year-old isn't thinking furry is really cool. Plan your bathroom with that in mind and save yourself a lot of money and possible stress.

Rubber Ducky, You're The One....

Bathtubs seem to be synonymous with children-you know, rubber duckies, boats and floating things-and it seems they never really outgrow the love of a bathtub. When designing your children's bathroom, be sure the tub you choose is one that can go the distance through their teen years. Kids also happen to love showers-case in point, the sprinkler system in the yard during the summer. They love to run through the shower, so be sure to provide them with the kind of shower facility that will allow for a good drenching and still remain safe. A lot of anti-slip tiles are necessary when doing a children's bathroom.

Make Climbing Safer

Another thing to think about is the fact that no matter how many times you tell them not to climb up on things, they'll do it every time. The best way to tackle this particular problem is to be sure there is a step stool in the bathroom. This will help them reach the sink properly, and the toilet (if they're really short) as well as enable them to get to hard-to-reach items without climbing up on the counters and risk falling and cracking their heads open. A night light is a safety consideration as well, especially when they get up through the night for a visit to the bathroom.

Tying It All Together

If you want to tie the colors of the kids' bathroom into the colors of the house (and the house colors happen to be quite muted), do a feature wall and brighten the space up with colorful towels, rugs and a novel shower curtain. Wall hangings, pictures and toys can serve as accoutrements for the room as you provide your children with a bathroom that is theirs without taking away from the general décor of your home.

At the end of the day, any kids' room is about fun and color. Don't hold back on your creativity and expression when it comes to this very personal and very interesting children's space.