Decorating with Floor Lamps

Much of interior decoration deals with creating the mood or atmosphere for a room. Proper lighting is important and can add to the magnetic charm of your personal space, but the source of light can also factor in to the overall appeal of a room. The most functional lighting is available in the form of table lamps or ceiling lights, but where light isn't the only purpose, and impact counts as well, floor lamps have much to recommend themselves.

Floor lamps not only dress up a space, they give you a showcase for the unique quality of your special flair. For example, an antique floor lamp may be just the thing to perk up a den, or a floor lamp dressed with a Victorian fringed lampshade may be the hint of drama that ties together the entire master bedroom. The possibilities with floor lamps are endless—you can turn a blah room into a magic domain as you bring in the light with panache.

Ring in the Old

If you want an elegant look or perhaps a bit of mystery, an antique floor lamp may just fit the bill. Antiques are pieces of unknown history and so they tend to give a mystic aura and provoke the imagination. Such items tend to become conversation pieces, as well, which should help ensure that things never get dull during family or social gatherings. The downside is that a French antique lamp, for instance, can end up costing thousands of dollars. If price is an issue, there are many floor lamps that modern manufacturers create to give the same look and feel as the real thing. Antique floor lamps are chosen more for their looks and compatibility than as light sources.

Stand out features for antique floor lamps include:

*Brass finish

*Intricate design

*Stained-glass shades


Some floor lamps are meant to be works of art. These may be one-of-a-kind pieces and may be unusual or even a bit odd. The main thing is that they are eye-catching. These pieces may set a mood of whimsy or uniqueness and may include images you wouldn’t expect to see, perhaps strange wooden creatures, planets, animals, or abstract objects. Artistic floor lamps may also incorporate uncommon objects such as animal horns, driftwood, or light-weight metals. Artsy floor lamps may also suggest a mood depending upon the grace of their lines.

Geographical Grounding

Sometimes a floor lamp will bring to mind a special location. A lamp that has carvings of cacti or fanciful, lifelike snakes draped about it, will give a Southwestern feel. A floor lamp that imitates an important city monument, such as the Seattle Space Needle lends a slick, urbane feeling to your space.

Makes the Mood

A dramatic color, such as Chinese lacquer red, can give punch and tie in to an Asian feel whereas a soft and glowing pastel pink glass shade can lend feminine appeal to a woman's boudoir. Floor lamps also offer flexibility. You can change the lampshade or even the color of the light bulbs to match the mood you wish to create, for instance, calm, vibrant, or romantic. Whether you choose something hip, or go with something that has a past, floor lamps expand your decorating universe.