Dolphin Decor

By far, one of nature's favorite creatures is the dolphin. Friendly, fun, trusting and beautiful, the dolphin has found its way into the hearts of people everywhere. Most of us can remember "Flipper" from the television and film series and who of us didn't want our own pet dolphin when we were kids?

The dolphin has not lost its place in the scheme of decor, still up there in terms of themes when it comes to decorating space - especially bathroom and kids rooms. Of course, there are many adults who love the idea of having dolphins cavorting around their space and have created wonderful rooms featuring these gorgeous creatures.

Creating a Dolphin Theme - Without Excess

Creating a dolphin theme is not a difficult thing to do, however, the real key to having an effective decor is to not overdo it with color or visual stimuli. The first color we think of when we think about this type of decor is blue. Blue sky, blue water...but too much blue will take away from the warmth and comfort we derive from dolphins. The animal itself is a grey color, and grey can be quite warm when coupled with pale yellow or soft orange. Perhaps a mural of a tropical sunset over an aquamarine ocean will help to keep the room warm and friendly.

It's More Than Blue, Color Choice is Important

If you opt for solid color walls, choosing a blue-green rather than blue can also help to keep the space warmer. There are some fabulous photographic prints available of dolphins leaping out of the ocean in all of their grace and beauty. A very large print on one wall will captivate the eye and solidify your theme. Small statues or carvings, discreetly placed where they can be seen but not so they overtake the place, help to reinforce the motif.

How About Those Fish?

For fun you might add an aquarium to the room. Having real water and real fish seems to add a dimension you can't get any other way. Nautical furniture and some decor items in this style also enhance the theme. A captain's chair, some heavy white rope and a life preserver make the room feel more "sea-faring".

Swimming with the Dolphins

The thing we probably all fanaticize about is swimming with a dolphin in the deep blue of the ocean. How can we bring this dream into our reality? If the room you are decorating is a bedroom, how about painting a dolphin right alongside the bed? That way, as you swim away into sleep, you are accompanied by your friend and companion.

Create Your Dream and Swim Away

There are many different ways to achieve the dolphin theme in a room. Again, the important thing is to not make it overwhelming by cluttering the wall space or surfaces with too much of a good thing. Each person's taste is a little different. Honor your sense of style and create the space you love using color, pictures, murals and furnishings. Then, settle back and dream of swimming with the dolphins.