Your Feng Shui Bedroom

Bedroom, or Is It The Office?

It's no secret to any of us that the bedroom is supposed to be a refuge from the world. It should be the place we relax, rest and restore - somewhere to go at the end of the day that will provide a sense of serenity and calm. Too often, the bedroom is also an office and movie house or a place to catch up on work-related reading before sleep. None of these things adds to a restful night.

Choose Your Colors with Rest in Mind

To make your bedroom a retreat, it's long been understood that you need to create calm and tranquility. By removing the television, computer and work related things you can begin the process of clearing the space. The color you use in your room with affect the way you feel, so you'll want to avoid painting the room bright yellow or bright red. Instead, use a warmer and deeper shade of red, cool blue or green or neutral colors to keep the atmosphere restful.

The Way the Energy Flows

These techniques are time tried and they do work, but sometimes we wonder if they are enough. There is a method to really influence your space with rest and tranquility, invoking calm and peace. That method is called Feng Shui, which, although it has several schools of thought, teaches overall that items in a room should be positioned for uninterrupted energy flow. According to Feng Shui, when energy flow is interrupted, it will be difficult to find peace in your home. It is coupled with the ancient idea of yin and yang, acknowledging that the right balance of yin and yang in your home will create harmony. So why not apply it to the one room where you'll notice it most - your bedroom?

The Bed Is Central - Place It Correctly

First, consider the placement of your bed. According to Feng Shui, there are a series of positions which line up with what you want to do in your life; however, you really don't have to know all of that to put your bed in the right place. Simply situate your bed so that your feet are not pointing toward the door. Feet toward the door is called the coffin position and does not allow for a good night's sleep.

Take Out the Extras That Might Be Keeping You Awake

Rid your bed of any type of covering over it, such as a canopy, and make sure there are no beams crossing the mattress between the posts. Also, remove any objects that are hanging above the headboard, or, if you can't remove them, cover them. If you have mirrors facing your bed, remove them. You should not be able to see your reflection in a mirror from your bed. If you can't take them down, at least cover them when you go to sleep.

If you have a water feature in your room, remove it. According to Feng Shui, water features are bad for your chi and shouldn't be in the room you sleep in. Close the bathroom door if you have an ensuite and if possible make sure your head does not face the bathroom door.

Finally, clear the clutter from your space. This is a solid principal that holds regardless whether you buy into Feng Shui or not. Clutter is stressful and you'll feel much more peaceful without it.