Fireplace Surround Designs

Multi-Style Fireplaces

Contrary to popular belief, fireplaces do not come in only one design or make a singular type of fashion statement. In fact, there is a wide array of fireplace designs to meet your specific decorating needs. While many fireplaces do shout rustic, down-to-earth, and homey, they can also be classy, contemporary, sleek, cool, and modern!

If you are adding a fireplace to an existing room, you will want the fireplace design to match the room's décor. If the fireplace already exists, you have the option of updating or changing its look by decorating with a fireplace mantle that blends with your decorating scheme, or upgrading and renovating the fireplace surround (the area immediately surrounding the firebox).

Fireplace Surround Designs

Since there are many available fireplace surround materials to choose from, you can design a fireplace that both suits your budget and blends with your existing architecture. Among the options are stone, marble, plaster, wood, tile, and steel fireplace surrounds.


Stone fireplace surrounds can consist of a pattern of small pebbles or strategically placed larger slabs of stone. The surround can cover the entire wall, or be limited to covering the face or mouth of the fireplace. Cobblestones are perfect for family rooms with a rustic, outdoorsy look, and are sure to make a bold fashion statement.


To accentuate a contemporary décor, shiny steel fireplace surrounds have a sleek look with clean lines. Modern fireplace surround designs are often very streamlined, seemingly blending into the wall and often incorporating a home entertainment center.


Nothing says rustic and country more than wood fireplace designs. For a formal and more masculine look, go with darker woods; lighter-color woods produce a more informal aura. And don't forget to use matching or creatively contrasting wood types for your fireplace mantel or side pieces.


Tile fireplace surrounds are also very popular. Tile can be plain and simple or heavily adorned and patterned. For the artistically inclined, hand-painted tiles allow for great creativity and a look that is entirely unique. Tiles come in a range of building materials such as marble, stone, glass, and ceramic, and in a variety of sizes, allowing home decorators a wide array of choices. To save money when renovating an old fireplace surround, consider hiring a professional to tile over the previous design. And don't forget to pay attention to the finish on your fireplace tiles. While glazed or polished marble tiles wipe off easily, porous tiles are harder to clean.


Brick is yet another becoming choice in fireplace designs. Bricks come in various hues and colors that you can coordinate with other furniture in the room; alternatively, you can paint brick the color of your choice.

Fireplace Kits

Finally, consider purchasing a fireplace surround kit that contains a set of pieces (made from materials such as wood, stone, iron) that fit around the face or mouth of the fireplace, or that also include pieces for a fireplace mantle. You can also accessorize your fireplace mantle by buying a do-it-yourself fireplace mantel kit, which provides materials with which to build and enhance your mantle.