First-Class Accommodations

There's something about a first-class hotel room that makes you feel like a king. As you loll in the lap of luxury, you may find yourself thinking, "Hey. Wouldn't it be great if I could reproduce this far-out bedroom in my own home?"

Well, there's absolutely no reason why you can't. The wonderful thing about making your own first-class hotel-style bedroom is that you don't have to appeal to anyone but your own self. You can have all the luxury and convenience but you can personalize the décor as you please.

Recreating The Elements

When designing a hotel-style bedroom it pays to think about the elements you want to recreate. The first detail to remember is that a hotel room is a small space that is divided into areas for sleeping, reading, drinking coffee or spirits, working, and personal grooming. Think about which areas you would like to include in your own hotel-style bedroom and plan your space to suit the details.

The next step is to consider the details that make a hotel room so comfortable. A good hotel room is well-insulated, with good ventilation, air conditioning, and heating systems. Put in a good grade of carpet padding, and consider upholstering the walls with fabric or padded upholstered wall panels and headboards. These are some of the details that make the difference between a regular bedroom and a luxurious, hotel-style space.

Make sure the bed is placed away from the air vents. There should be plenty of access to fresh air. Concealed speakers placed just so will give you the perfect sound system. Other details that make or break the difference between an average Joe bedroom and one that knocks your socks off is a three-way bedside switch so you can read until your eyelids just begin to droop, and then reach up and flick the light switch off without having to move from your cozy bedcovers. Other details to think about including in your luxury bedroom are a heated towel rack in the bathroom, and hey! What about a fireplace for snowy winter nights?

Dimmers Everywhere

In a hotel-style bedroom, the lighting deserves special treatment. Aside from the aforementioned three-way switch, how about a closet light that goes on when you open the door? Of course, lots of light in the bathroom is a must: wall sconces, lighted mirrors for adequate light while shaving or applying makeup, overhead lighting in every important bathroom niche: over the vanity, in the shower/tub area, and don't forget a light underneath the vanity to use as a night light so you don't have to stumble in the dark. Oh, and dimmers everywhere!

Depending on how much you want to invest in your little haven, you may want to consider incorporating a mini-bar where you can make yourself an espresso, or grab a cold drink or a snack. You can even install a small sink. You'll never have to leave the comfort of your bedroom.

Buy flexible furniture that is ready to suit your every need. For instance, a desk that pivots is awesome for being able to monitor your favorite television show while you're grading those papers. If your space is large enough, opt for a chaise lounge instead of the standard chair, or you can use two comfortable, leather-upholstered chairs, side by side, with matching ottomans. The ottomans do double duty as a resting place for aching feet, or as a surface for playing Monopoly or for having that little snack.