Kids' Bathroom Tips

If you want to create bath-time heaven for your kids, try turning the bathroom into a fun, inviting environment. Bath time doesn't have to be a battlefield when you create the ultimate kids' bathroom. Include your kids as part of the creative team and you not only benefit from a great bonding opportunity, but the bumpy road paved with teeth brushing, bathing, showering, hair combing and even toilet training will become a smoother ride. To begin your bathroom makeover, here are some great kids' bathroom tips.

Kids' Bathroom Themes

A great way to decorate children's bathrooms at any age is with theme-inspired accessories. Popular bathroom themes include under-the-sea, dolphins, surfers, boats, fish, mermaids, or any fun-in-the-sun motif. Another winner is your kids' favorite animated character. A bathroom theme can even be a favorite color or a combination of colors. Here are some of the bathroom items that can reflect your kids' chosen theme:

- Shower curtain

- Toothbrush holder/rinse cup

- Wastepaper basket

- Light-switch plate

- Towels and facecloth

- Bathmat/Bath Rug

- Toilet seat cover

You can decorate the walls with paint (i.e., a solid color, color combo, or a painted mural), decals, stencils, tile stick-ons, or wallpaper. For a truly personalized experience and a look your children will love, let your kids' hands and feet take a walk on the wild side as they paint the walls with their handprints and footprints. And did you know that white polka dots painted with translucent glaze appear on the wall like bubble bath suds? Finally, inexpensive bath toys placed around the room are an innovative yet practical way to both decorate and delight your kids at the same time.

Decorate vs. Renovate

Since your children are going to grow up along with their interests and tastes, the experts advise decorating a kids' bathroom rather than renovating. Instead of remodeling, consider bathroom décor that can easily be changed, such as paint, accents, and accessories. If, however, you are planning to have several children over the period of more than five years, some kid-friendly renovations might be in order, even though kid features will negatively affect your home's resale value in the long term. Here are some possible kids' bathroom adjustments:

•- Lower the sinks, cabinets and toilets for easy reach

•- Install a kid-friendly push-button flusher on the toilet

•- Have ample storage space for kids' bath toys and toiletries

•- Invest in a little step-stool for out-of-reach items

Jack and Jill Bathrooms

A "Jack and Jill" bathroom is a bathroom shared by a boy and a girl and is often the connecting point between two bedrooms. The best way to decorate a room shared by both sexes is to choose a neutral or a mutually favorite decorating theme, or a color scheme which appeals to both children. One popular Jack and Jill bathroom theme is "underwater" - i.e., fish, whales, dolphins, sea urchins, turtles, frogs, seashells, and more.

Kids' Bathroom Safety Tips

To make sure your kids bath area is safe and sound, don't forget the following safety precautions:

•- Keep medicine cabinets locked or out of reach

•- Protect electric outlets from water

•- Never leave your child unattended in the bathtub

•- Invest in an adhesive tub mat to prevent slipping

•- Cover floor with a non-skid bathroom rug

•- Get a cover clamp for the toilet to protect curious youngsters from drowning hazard