Luxurious Bathrooms

Modern Bathroom Trends

Today's bathrooms are no longer a mere utility. Modern bathroom décor is moving up the fashion ladder with luxury bathrooms and super-sized master bathrooms - lavish rooms that feature state-of-the-art fixtures, high-tech gadgets, and high-end accessories. If you can imagine the lifestyle of the rich and famous and the type of bathroom furnishings you would find in a five-star hotel, then you have a good picture of a modern luxury bathroom.

The Sky is the Limit

When it comes to contemporary bathrooms, no dream is too big, no luxury too luxurious. Today's bath areas are a place to unwind, be pampered, and revitalize. Upscale master bathrooms may incorporate a workout area, sauna, whirlpool, and built-in sound system, in addition to the traditional powder/dressing table, dressing area, vanity mirror, bath and shower. All elements of the luxury bathroom are designed to maximize your comfort, cater to your needs, and enhance your experience.

Basic Bathroom Accessories

Today's bathroom designs pay attention to every decorative detail, from the most obscure to the most obvious. Here are some of the finer points in modern-day bathroom accessories:

- Liquid soap dispenser

- Hand-lotion dispenser

- Fancy mini-soaps

- Matching toothbrush holder and soap dish

- Tissue box

- Potpourri in a fancy bowl

- Air sanitizer

- Aroma candles

- Fresh or artificial flowers and plants

- Vanity mirror complimenting the bathroom's decorating scheme

- Fog-free mirror

- Matching towel sets/washcloths

- Magazine rack

- Attractive shower curtain

- Accessories that follow a theme

- Extra-wide showers and tubs

- Shower massager and hand-held spray

- Space-saving cabinets/drawers

- Non-skid decorative bathroom rug

- Decorative toilet paper holder

- Matching wastebasket

High-Class Bathroom Accessories

Function and fashion have never before been so intricately woven. Here are some of the more extravagant and technologically advanced bathroom accessories popular in high-class society today:

•- Restorative and therapeutic spa bath and shower

•- Whirlpool and/or Jacuzzi hot tub

•- Work-out machines

•- Cleansing steam shower

•- Built-in shower sound system

•- Built-in shower seating

•- Heat-sculpted glass shower doors

•- Tanning shower

•- Dry sauna

•- Towel warming drawer

•- Heated floor

•- Double showerhead

•- Bathroom wine cooler

•- Multimedia options, including shower waterproof TV-Mirror

Technologically Advanced Bathroom Fixtures

Smart Toilet: Features a toilet lid that automatically lifts, flushes, and closes. Additional amenities include a heated toilet seat, air deodorizer, and front and rear washing.

Electronic Faucets: Designed to control water flow and thereby conserve water and energy, these futuristic faucets are part of a fast-growing trend in modern home décor known as "going green." Electronic faucets turn on/off with the wave of a hand!

Mood lighting: Also popular are LED lights that changes color in accordance with your mood or the time of day. You can find LED tiles, door handles, and ceilings.

Heated floors: No more cold feet as you step out of the tub/shower onto heated floors and onto cloud nine.

Luxury Bathroom Materials

People are sparing no expense when it comes to designing their dream bathroom. Here are some extravagant decorations you might find:

•- Marble sinks/counters/tubs

•- Shiny granite counters

•- Pedestal sinks

•- Wash basins in unique shapes and style (made from ceramic, hand-blown glass, stainless steel, and more

•- Claw-foot bathtubs or tubs with a long pedestal base

When it comes time to redo your bathroom, consider the details. A few fancy "extras" can help your bath area go from drool to cool!