Small Spaces - Big Ideas

Maybe you have just moved to a foreign country and the space you now live in is a third the size of the one you came from. Or, maybe you're a "cliff dweller", one of those city people who are destined to live in a minute space because you love it and because you love to be in the center of the universe, experiencing all of the energy a city provides. Whatever the case, you're living in a small space and you have to make the most of it in order to make life workable.

What Do You Need, Really?

What does a person living in a small space need? Usually, if you've chosen to live in a tiny apartment in the center of the city, you need energy and the sense of rhythm provided only by the sound of city streets. You need to be up-close-and-personal with your friends and neighbors. You want a view (of something other than the building across the way), lots of sunlight and a great location which affords access to all of the important things. In exchange for all these things, you are prepared to offer space.

Explore Your Creative Genius

Living in a small space means that creativity is essential to a meaningful existence. Who wants to live in a tiny box without expression? Nobody - to be sure. So, this is where you get to explore your creative genius, or find a friend who has enough to share. We've checked around and found a few tips which can have a great impact on your little space, hopefully helping you to make the most of it without breaking the bank.

Buy According to Scale

Admit it; you really don't need a side-by-side, double-door refrigerator. You can get along quite nicely with an under-the-counter model which will provide you with more than enough room. At the end of the day, you're eating better because you are only buying what you need instead of what you greed. Track lighting allows for more surface space and keeps things really clean and tidy. Visually, you will open up the space you are in and have less clutter to contend with. Using full spectrum light bulbs energizes the area and makes your little place buzz.

Helpful Hints for Visual Space

If you transfer all of your music to your computer, you can get rid of the cd's that are collecting dust and cluttering the place. You have it all accessible without having the little covers all over the place. Treat yourself to amazing cookware, dinnerware and gorgeous linen. All of this serves not only as wonderful surfaces to eat from, but they are decor items as well.

Party Hearty

And then, have lots of get-togethers in your little space. People love to get together in tight places. Case in point - pubs and the most-frequented clubs in town. There is no room to move. People love it. And you will too. Your friends will adore coming to your "little space" to nosh and schmooze and just hang out.

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