Mediterranean Style Kitchen

Thinking of something different for the kitchen? Well then, think warm thoughts and allow yourself to dream of the azure blue of a Mediterranean sky and the warmth of the sun upon the bricks of the streets. A Mediterranean style kitchen can be a place of drama and depth in your home, affording the entire family a place to gather and enjoy the sense of living by the sea.

Like An Artist-You Must Choose The Palette

To prepare the canvas for this kitchen, first decide which of the Mediterranean shores you want to replicate, since all of them have something very different and specific about the color palette and types of accents. The countries most commonly associated with Mediterranean décor are Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece with flavors coming from Egypt, Algeria, Libya, France and Turkey.

Open, light and airy are all words we use in association with the Mediterranean design. It is simple decor and since the countries of the Mediterranean are on the sea, there is usually an opening into a space that draws in the cool of the sea or a garden. High ceilings and wooden or natural stone floors pull the feeling of the outdoors inside. The use of gauzy fabric on the windows further creates the feeling of sea billows and fluffy clouds that move with the gentle breezes.

When You Think Of Mediterranean, You Probably Think Of Greece

Most of us associate blue and white with the most famous country of the Mediterranean-Greece. The azure blue of the sky, the green/blue of the Aegean Sea and the startling white of the beaches serve as the basis of color combinations in this décor. Lime whitewash on walls and countertops, parts of the floor or tabletops offset with dark wood or trim painted blue or green. The concept is contrast. The focus is color as opposed to furniture.

There Are Also Provence And African Influences

The Provence palette of this décor style, which includes Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Turkey use a warmer color grouping inspired by flower gardens, vineyards and olive groves. Lavender and sunflower yellow, dark tones of green and blue and the warm earth tones of brown and terracotta dominate. The African palette of Egypt, Libya and Algeria blend the earth colors of the mountains and deserts, using sandy beige, terracotta, yellows, orange and earthy browns.

Things To Add-Ceramics, Mosaics And Mats

Ceramics are found in generous amounts and mosaics on the floors are standard fare. In Greece, the mosaics may speak of former glories or lovely gardens, favoring white and blue as the main colors while Provence area will boast intense reds, oranges and yellows. They are easy to clean and maintain-just be sure you use heat resistant material around the stove area. Sinks and countertops in natural stone or unpolished marble add to the feeling.

Turkish and Egyptian mats are both serviceable and useful as décor items. Open shelves which display handmade glasses, plates and mugs may also hold ceramic dishes and serving pieces. The possibilities are endless as you recreate the Mediterranean in your kitchen.