Online Interior Decoration Consultants

People have always complimented you on your good taste, but somehow, you've just never been happy with your home décor. You were aiming for minimal but it looks like a hotel lobby. You'd love to hire an interior decorator for some sound design advice, but the idea of spending money for this type of service makes you cringe. You really can't afford that kind of luxury right now.

Low-Cost Venture

But there's a new class of professional interior designers you can hire for a fraction of a cost. Part of the equation that makes this a low-cost venture is the fact that this designer never even walks into your home. The price can't be beat at around $1,300 for decorating a single room. Various terms have been floated around for this service, but for our purposes, let's call it "virtual decorating."

While each online decorating consultant has different ways and means of performing his or her services, in general, you're the one responsible for providing measurements. You'll gather intelligence on the dimensions of the room, walls and windows, and note special features like fireplaces. You'll need to detail items you plan to keep and wish to incorporate into the new design. It will also be necessary for you to provide digital photos of the room from various angles, making sure to provide close-ups of such details as decorative moldings.

Fabric Swatches

There will be a questionnaire for you to fill out about your lifestyle, and you may be asked to send in magazine clippings that illustrate your design likes and dislikes. After you've sent in all the materials, you'll be provided with a design plan that has been tailor-made for you. Included should be a floor plan that tells you what items you'll need to buy, where they are available for purchase, and where you should place the item within your newly-designed space. Online consultants often prefer to snail-mail you the design plan. This way you can feel the fabric swatches and play around with paint chips.

Each virtual decorator has his own way of providing design services. Some consultants may include directions on how to execute the design. Others may give you tips on how to choose cabinet makers, check out the durability of a carpet, and what questions to ask a floor-refinishing company regarding the process. A good consultant will pay attention to your budget and send you to Ikea instead of having you buy a similar-looking piece at an expensive designer home furnishings shop. He or she will also take into consideration the fact that you have children or pets when choosing fabrics and furnishings for your home.