The Classic Touch of Roman Shades

What Makes a Roman Shade a Roman Shade?

The roman shade is a style of window covering that provides versatility and interest and can be used as a compliment to any décor style - from traditional or English country to Southwestern or contemporary. The name of the style actually refers, in general, to the method in which the shade is lifted. A roman shade is made of fabric, wood or other material that lifts in folds, creating a layered look on the window when the shade is open. The lift is manipulated by a cord or chain, similar to what you find on a roller blind. The shade lifts in sections and there is a rod of some sort at various intervals where the shades fold as they are lifted.

Unique and Practical, A Real Style Statement

Roman shades are one piece and as such, provide a good option for both privacy and insulation. However, they are definitely more than functional. Fabric choices, color and the variety of styles all make for interest and individuality when purchasing or making your roman shades. Solid, striped, floral or textured, pulled down or lifted up - these shades make a real style statement. Bamboo roman shades are unique and when they are open they look like pleats. This material is excellent for lining as well because the lining doesn't show through the bamboo, a real bonus.

You can make your roman shades look dramatic, simple, traditional or elegant by hanging them from a curtain rod, by clips or even by using tab tops for a more casual look. They can be hung curtain style and if you use classy drapery rods you can both enhance the look and keep it consistent through your home.

Roman Shades Blinds - A Blind With A Perk

Another way to employ the roman shades concept is in roman shades blinds. These, too, can be made of any number of different materials - faux wood, bamboo or fabric. The traditional approach of blinds is married to the flare of the roman shade style. They have all the benefits of blinds with a few perks: they have the ability to open more fully than a blind and when they are lowered, they have a different look than that of the fabric roman shades. These shades can be used alone or together with other types of window treatments such as draperies, valances, or even window scarves. You can create your own combination - one that best fits your style and taste.

Buy Them Ready Made, Have Them Made - or - Make Them Yourself

Roman shades, as with any window covering, vary in price. They can be purchased from a décor or drapery store pre-made, cut and ready to hang, or you can have them custom made of fabric you choose and designed to fit exactly into your window frame. Another option is to make them yourself, but a basic knowledge of sewing is probably a good idea. There are many books available with instructions for making your own roman shades and if you're handy, you can create designs that are uniquely your own.