Rustic Country Farmhouse Style

Just A Few Miles Outside of Town

One of rustic decor's most comfortable and favorite styles is the country farmhouse decor. This style encompasses many rural essences, such as French country, English country and American farmhouse. While some of these styles are a bit more formal than others, overall they have their beginnings in homes outside the city limits. There's more color and vibrancy in a farmhouse style home, where fabrics and dinnerware feature bright yellow, red, gold and blue colors, or tiny flowers and small-scale patterns. Furniture is big and bold and is usually made of wood, often with a delightful carving or stenciling on it. There's nothing formal about this type of decor, where mixing and matching create the style. The rustic elements of nature, like dried flowers, seeds, nuts and leaves, are brought indoors to add to the delightful mix.

Come On In and Relax

This style of decor lends itself well to friends and family. Instead of being formal and fussy, it's relaxed and inviting. The elements of log cabin design contribute greatly to the laid-back feeling, where the incorporation of natural elements lends to the feeling of this style of decor. If you find you're having a difficult time figuring out interior decorating, this is the best style to begin with because there are no hard and fast rules - just fun and warmth and expression using natural elements.

Getting Down to Basics

Some of the basic things you'll find in a country farmhouse are wooden floors covered with colorful throw rugs, natural fabrics covering the furniture, plaid throw pillows for accent, antique metals, floral patterns on chairs or window treatments, and large wooden furniture made from regional woods.

Anything that lends itself to cozy and comfy is the rule of the day. There is one firm rule when you choose country farmhouse decor and that is accessorizing. Lots of knick-knacks, pillows and wall art are cohesive factors in pulling a farmhouse decor together. Treasures from the flea market, family heirlooms and kids' artwork are all desirable items for decorating your room. Matching is not important because the less things match, the more lived-in and homey your space will feel. This type of decor evolves over time as you collect things to go into your various rooms. This is the one style of decor where clutter is king and adds to the appeal of the decor rather than detracting from it.

Inexpensive, Fun and Personal

Rustic country farmhouse decor is relatively inexpensive to create, and it really is all about maximizing the potential of things you have on hand. Adding special treasures and pieces in this style that you find along the way at local flea markets and arts and crafts fairs keep things fun and interesting. But, before you go out shopping, check those boxes of things you've packed away. There may well be some of your own things you've stashed away which would work well in creating a whole new look for your home.