Give Your Home Office A Shabby Chic Makeover

Shabby chic never seems to go out of style and this effortless and pretty look is something that isn’t only limited to cottages, sunrooms and bedrooms. There is no reason why one shouldn’t have the look they love in their own office and this includes shabby chic décor. It may be hard to imagine a shabby chic office when you’re plagued with the realities of storage space, filing cabinets, electronics and stationary, but it is possible to take the most sterile and even technical looking office equipment and incorporate them into your shabby chic scheme. All it takes is a little know-how, paint, the right fabrics and an open mind.

It Starts With Color

Start by choosing your wall color and be sure to pick something you love. The great thing about shabby chic is that you can mix loads of colors and patterns together so don’t worry about picking a color that will ‘match’ something else specifically. Pretty pinks and powdery blues are great shabby chic choices and if you’d rather not paint, then leave the walls white and bring color in with your fabrics and accessories.

Flowers Everywhere

You don’t need to limit yourself to florals, but some flowery patterns are definitely a must in any shabby chic room including a home office. Maybe consider floral drapes or a few floral cushions for your chair or settee if you have one. Accessories like file folders can contain florals and you can pretty up any desk or wall filing cabinet by adding a vase with some beautiful blooms. Adding floral art is simple by taking a piece of fabric you love and attaching it over a simple wood stretcher frame.

Get Distressed

The shabby chic look always includes distressed wood furniture and accessories. You can purchase any old wood desk and chair and finish it easily yourself with some sand paper and a can of paint. Choose light colored paint or even just white for the prettiest look and once you’ve put a couple of coats of paint on your piece, take the sand paper to the edges and wear away some of the paint. Be sure to keep it subtle remembering that the look you’re after is that of an older piece of furniture that has had years of wear and tear.

This isn’t a technique limited to furniture as there are plenty of wooden boxes and containers that can easily receive the same treatment and be used as pretty storage solutions for the office; paper trays, pen holders, file holders, etc. And speaking of files, you can make your ugly steel filing cabinet blend into your pretty new décor seamlessly by sanding it, priming it and then painting it in a coordinating matte color. Just be sure to choose products that are made for painting metals.

Finishing Touches

To finish off the look, check antique and flea markets as well as thrift stores and garage sales for old wooden frames and candle holders that you can display. And finally, don’t forget that even your light fixtures can be transformed into the chicest of shabby! An old brass ceiling light or chandelier can be sanded and painted white to top off your office just right. And your unsightly cork memo board can be transformed by wrapping a piece of cotton batting and then a floral fabric around it. Use pretty brooches and pins found at secondhand shops or your grandma’s jewelry box instead of regular thumbtacks!

Voila! Le shabby chic home office!