Your Favorite Room

More Than Necessary - It May Be Cash in the Bank

It is probably the smallest room in the entire house, and if you live in an older home, it may not only be small, but you likely only have one of them. That's right, it's the bathroom. It is a very interesting room and one that often, believe it or not, can make a huge difference in the selling price of a home. Some folks think of the bathroom as merely necessary and they don't count it as important, however, the fact is that a person does spend a considerable amount of time there and it is definitely worthwhile to not only make it more pleasant - but to also increase your house value by decorating or refurbishing it.

Oh, Oh, It's Showing Its Age

There are often telltale signs that the décor is beginning to show signs of age. Sometimes the signs are subtle, and sometimes they are rather glaring. If the color of the room takes you back 40 years, it's time to change things. If the paper is peeling (who uses paper these days in the bathroom?) and tiles or linoleum are coming up - it's time to change things. If the shower head and faucets are pitted with age and have lost their sheen - yes, it is time to change things.

Start With the Small Things

Unless you have some major renovating to do, as in replacing the porcelain fixtures, you can usually give your bathroom a wonderful facelift without spending a lot of money. Assuming the fixtures are all in good repair, one way to change the look of the room and bring it up-to-date is to change the faucets, towel bars and soap dishes. Choose a theme or design that is pleasing to you and begin to think about colors that would best express your individuality.

Pick a Theme, and Go For It

It is important to take the time to think about what you would like to see when the room is redone. Begin purchasing items that go with the theme you've chosen. Let's say you want to have a romantic bathroom. How can you best achieve it? Painting the room in a soft pink conveys relaxation and romance. Offset the wall color with a flat white or ivory and perhaps use a darker hue of the same shade of pink for the cabinets. A lovely sheer curtain to romanticize the tub can be swept to one side and held in place with a floral clip. Perhaps a faux plant or bouquet of flowers in a lovely urn might sit at the corner of the tub. Soften the lighting and add a few candles for effect. Plush pink and ivory towels and a fluffy ivory mat can round out the mood. Suddenly you've gone from plain to perfect without a lot of cash outlay.

Your Favorite Room in the House

Pick your color, plan your theme and motif and change the things which can be changed without great expense. You will be amazed at what a difference it will make and you just might find the bathroom to be your favorite room in the house.