Maximum Presence in Minimum Space

The kitchen tends to be the hub of the home and the room you use most. A small kitchen is no exception—you'll be using it just as often as if it were large enough for a king. That means that even a small kitchen needs to function well and be a comfortable working space. The small kitchen should also be attractive—a place where you enjoy spending time.

Transparent Chairs

One of the aims in designing any small room is to make it appear larger. In the small kitchen, you might try keeping the furniture spare and minimalist to achieve a grander-looking space. Transparent chairs can give one the illusion of a much larger scope. Wherever possible, maximize your window space and tile your backsplash with mirrored or glossy panels—this is very helpful in opening up a room where countertop space is at a premium. A built-in countertop stove keeps the floor free for your foot traffic.

Another way to achieve a larger looking space is to go modern with bold colors and clean lines. Use bright lighting over work areas to increase the feeling of open space, and incorporate glass, perhaps in the form of a smooth circular bar top where the kitchen abuts the next room. Arrange some bright-colored bar stools around the bar top so it can double as an eating area.

Glass-Fronted Cabinets

Glass can also be used to front kitchen cabinets to add to the feeling of spaciousness. Try the lightest colored wooden cabinet doors you can find. Even if your kitchen space is small, you may still be able to incorporate a high ceiling into your design to give your kitchen some celestial height.

Stark contrast can add a surprising sense of space in a kitchen. Dark kitchen cabinets against white walls can open up a room. Look for wood cabinets with a horizontal grain to increase the perception of size.

Chrome And Polymer

Pack a lot of punch and pizzazz into a smallish kitchen by using modern materials like chrome and polymer and stick to a bold palette of red and white. Shiny, gleaming materials and big colors give maximum impact in a small space. The advantage of these materials is that they are not only durable, but tend to be easy to keep sparkling clean.

Try an oversized kitchen light fixture to enhance the perception of size. You may want to try opening one wall of your kitchen, or part of one wall. Applying the open kitchen concept to even a very small kitchen can help you avoid feeling trapped with too much stuff packed into too small a space. An open wall makes your kitchen seem inviting to guests even as it helps keep you in the loop when preparing goodies for company.