Great Kitchen Storage Tips

Clutter - Out of Control

Of all the rooms in the house, it seems the kitchen draws clutter like a magnet draws metal. Pots and pans along with clutter on the counter - like spice bottles and paper towels - cookbooks and things that magically multiply when you're not looking - like bills and twist ties - chew up space. There are many different ways you can control the clutter, clean up the counter and have more space with easy do-it-yourself projects, no-install containers and a few organizational ideas.

Shelving, The Perfect Solution

If your new decorating ideas for the kitchen include new cabinetry, take it to the top. Have the cabinets reach the ceiling rather than having a soffit. Even though it can be more challenging to reach, the top shelves can be effectively used to store items you don't use very often. Shelving that measures between your shoulders and waist on the counter is perfect for storing heavy dishes because there is no reaching so you are not risking shoulder problems. Airtight containers for dried foods not only keep the foods well, but provide good storage. Use the walls where possible for hook-and-hang items (like tools or cooking utensils) and install shelving for books or spices.

Drawers to Store Things and Keep Life Orderly

That narrow little drawer beside the stove can be used to store spices. Lay them on their side with the label facing upward for easy access. By moving them away from the direct overhead heat of the stove, you preserve their goodness. Shallow storage spaces, like drawers, allow you to see what is there as things are not hidden in the back. Everything is visible. It's a good idea to have full extension on drawers so you can utilize the space and not lose things in those dark, hidden corners. Shallow drawers are useful for storing utensils as well, stacking them only one deep keeps you in the know as to what is in the drawer. Attaching a rack to the inside of a cupboard door is a great way to multiply space. Just be sure you allow enough clearance space for storage of taller items like paper products.

Hooks, Racks, Cabinets and Dividers All Help to Bring Order

Adjustable shelving is a bonus. By adjusting the shelving to specific heights, you will be able to get more into your cupboards. Measure the height of your stacked dishes in order to determine how high your shelving should be. Wire baskets that hang between shelves can help you claim unused space as well. Use cup hooks to hang cups with handles that stack badly, and retro-fit cabinets with tray dividers, slide-out bins and plate stackers. The bins are particularly useful for storage of such things as tea bags and spice packages. A hanging pot rack looks very cool above an island and by hanging your pots you can create more room in the cupboard.

You'll be amazed at how much space you actually have in your kitchen once you begin to implement some of these tips.