Home Storage Solutions

Maximize Storage Without Sacrificing Comfort

Who doesn't have problems with storage? With 87 percent of Americans living in small to medium-sized houses, storage is a challenge for just about everyone and finding ways to store items has become a favorite topic these days. There is good news though, and it is that regardless of the size of house you live in, there is often a lot of space that goes unnoticed in terms of storage. Here are some creative solutions to help you maximize your space without sacrificing your comfort.

Double-Duty Furniture-Stating The Obvious

One of the more obvious ways to increase storage space is to use furniture that does double-duty. A coffee table with built-in drawers, a side table that can also function as a display case or chests and tables which can hold linens are all examples of double-duty furniture. Benches or footstools with flip-tops serve as great storage for magazines, tapes or discs. An entertainment center can be created from a lovely armoire and will provide enough storage space to handle music, pictures and/or electronic equipment, and, if it fits into a corner, so much the better. Of course, there's the old standby of the classic hide-a-bed which allows for storage and multi-purpose use.

Save Those Containers!

Storage containers, especially those that stack easily, are another way to optimize space. Save those plastic containers from salads and butter as well as tins with plastic lids. You can use them to store small kitchen items, buttons, thread, nuts, nails, washers or whatever fits. Organize small shelves or drawers with little baby food jars. Plastic milk containers cut in half make perfect containers for kids' puzzles or Legos. If you buy potato chips in those tall containers, save the container and use it to store pencils, pens or paint brushes. A little paste job of magazine covers on laundry detergent boxes creates a place to store magazines. You just can't beat hanging shoe bags for storage. Put one on the bathroom door to hold hair products or toiletries. An empty tissue box makes a great dispenser for plastic bags or small rags. Tack it to the inside of the cupboard door beneath the sink and you have yet another storage space.

Creating Storage In The Bedrooms

The bedroom, especially under the bed, can be a great place to hide items that need to be stored. Today you can buy storage boxes with wheels that fit under the bed and you can store out-of-season clothing, kids' games, shoes, or whatever you like in them. If you use a platform with built-in drawers as a base for the bed in your child's room, you'll add to the storage-ability. A row of wooden pegs at "kid height" will help both you and your child keep things orderly and put away in the bedroom. Old chests and trunks are magnificent places to store things and they also serve as great tables. A canvas and wooden clothes hamper makes an excellent container for toys and it's easy to access. One more thing: use your empty luggage to store seldom used clothing or seasonal items that won't be needed for several months.

A quick look around your house may well garner you some surprising places to store items.