Creating a Functional, Comfortable and Stylish Home Office

Whether you work from home and spend all day in your home office, or you just use it to check email, you want this space to be comfortable. Of course it needs to be practical and well stocked with all of the essentials that you need for a home office but you probably also want it to be cozy and stylish as well. This is especially true if this is a space where you spend a lot of your time, so you'll want to spruce it up and make it feel inviting. Here's how:

The Right Computer Desk

The computer desk that you select will say a lot about your comfort level and your style. If you are looking to create a stately feeling in your home office, then consider purchasing an antique desk. While these desks don't always have as much practical purpose as a modern computer desk, they are beautiful to look at and will set the tone for the room. Another lovely option, particularly if your home office is in your family room area, is a computer desk with a hutch or a computer armoire. These desks offer space for all of your home office needs with the printer space, CPU shelves, keyboard tray, and other amenities; at the same time, the closed doors can make the space look professional and charming. If you're hoping for a modern look, you might enjoy having a glass desk. These hip desks are fun to sit at and give any room a modern, sleek look.

Consider your Lighting

Lighting is, of course, incredibly important in the home office. You're going to want your office well lit to ensure that you don't strain your eyes while working. You should probably have a few lighting options in the room. Select a bright overhead light that has a dimming option. This allows you to work in bright light when you need to, but to turn down the light at times when you need less. Select a table lamp as well to place on your work space, or a floor lamp that can peer over your work location. You'll be able to dictate a great deal of the room's décor with your lighting choices. Create an antique and subdued look in the home office with antique fixtures, or spruce it up with modern lighting designs.

Hang Out and Relax

If you want your home office to be stylish and comfortable, consider adding other seating locations besides your desk chairs. If you have room for it, bring in a leather couch or a recliner chair. Use director's seats for a hip look, or consider bar stools and a small bar table for added fun. Throw in a few bean bags so that you can talk on the phone and relax in your space.

Notice the Walls

Finally, you'll want to consider the walls as you're building your comfortable environment in the home office. White walls do not usually enhance a room's ambiance. Consider a color scheme that you'll enjoy and that will speak to your mood when you're in the room. If you love shades of purple and they calm you, then have the room painted in a light purple. If you love certain paintings or pictures, put them up on the walls in your home office so that you can gaze at them as you work.

Remember that your home office is your space - it's a place where you will probably spend a lot of time and where you'll want to feel comfortable. Use your furniture, lighting and walls to create a warm, inviting and practical space for you and your family to work and enjoy.