Enjoy the Look of Tile

If you have high traffic areas in your home, your best flooring option may be tile. Tile is the most common flooring choice used in bathrooms and kitchens, as it is a strong, waterproof material that is easy to maintain and to clean.

Clean It Up

Tile is impermeable, which means that water, soap, moisture and other items won't seep into it in the bathroom or the kitchen. This helps you to maintain a sanitary environment in these locations and to keep your flooring looking clean and well cared for. Other types of flooring, such as vinyl and hard wood, often become worn and damaged much faster in these environments.

Strong and Made to Last

Tile is extremely strong and may be the longest lasting floor choice. While carpeting or vinyl often needs to be replaced within five to ten years, tile lasts a great deal longer. Tile will last for many years of use and will continue to look like new, even with a great deal of foot traffic.

Maintenance is a Breeze

Tile requires very little maintenance, which is good news for the busy home owner. With a dry mop, you can usually clear the tile surface in minutes and leave it looking great. You won't have to wax, oil or refinish tile and it will maintain its look for decades.

Versatility and Variety

Tile can be installed almost anywhere. You can install it inside or outside, and expose it to water or high heat. Ceramic tiles can decorate virtually any room in the house from the bathroom to the bedroom and into the kitchen. In addition, there are endless possibilities with the look of tile. Tile comes in every color, shape and size imaginable, allowing you to create exactly the look that you desire. You can have a great deal of fun with the designs and styles available with tile flooring.

Replacement with Ease

One great thing about tile is that it's easy to replace. If you damage a carpet, you usually have to replace the entire carpet. However, if you damage a part of your tile flooring, you can often replace the individual tile that needs the repair, without spending money to replace the entire floor. Similarly, cracked or loose tiles or damaged grout can be repaired easily and without replacing everything.

Tile is a great choice for virtually any area of the house. Along with its great price, its versatility and its durability, it also helps with insulation. Tile absorbs heat and can help to keep your house both warm in the winter and cool in the summer! This is certainly an added perk. Learn more about tile flooring and explore the possibilities of using it in any area of your home.