Tropical Decorating

Do you dream of retiring to Florida or the Caribbean Islands? If so, why not create a relaxing get away in your home with a tropical decorating theme? After all, there is no sense in not enjoying your home while you are waiting for your golden years to arrive.

Creating The Tropics

To make a tropical room, you will need to re-create that airy, relaxed feel of palm covered beaches. Start creating this look with white or creamy beige wall colors. If you prefer a bit more color, be sure you select pale shades. Light greens, blues, or peachy hues also add a tropical flavor.

Once your fresh paint is dry, it is time to tackle the window treatments. Bamboo or wooden blinds are the perfect choice for tropical themes. Sheer curtains complete the window dressing without making the room appear dark and heavy.

Next, take a look at the floor. Tile flooring is ideal. However, if you have hardwoods, instead, don't worry. A woven tan or white throw rug is the perfect way to protect your hardwoods. A sisal rug may give the room a more beachy feel, but the proper furnishings and accessories can create a more sophisticated tropical flare.

Furniture To Complete The Look

Rattan furniture is ideal for a room with a tropical theme. Dark wood pieces also look great. Bold flower prints or subdued palm print designs are excellent choices for upholstering these pieces. Glass topped metal side tables add an additional touch of sophistication to the theme.

Finally, don't forget to add a few fun, tropical accessories to the room. Bold accent pillows, palm tree prints, and a tank of salt water fish are all wonderful choices for completing this particular theme in your home.

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