Window Treatment Ideas You Have Never Thought Of

Who says that you need to use curtains or blinds on your windows? If you think outside the box a little you can discover loads of other ways to cover your windows so that you not only get a stylish look but also one that is unique and maybe even one-of-a-kind! Not that prefabricated curtains can’t be stylish or unique, but coming up with other options means that you’ll be better able to express your style in a way that no one else will.

Some Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

I’m not suggesting that you go out and make your own curtains from scratch—unless you’re handy with the sewing machine in which case you can make some truly gorgeous window coverings to your liking. Instead, think about large pieces of fabric or other materials that you love, such as the crochet tablecloth or bedspread that you’re grandmother gave you. Even something like doilies or lacey trims from vintage items you have kicking around the house can be used to make great curtains if they’re sewn onto fabric or existing curtains. Crochet and lace is very Victorian and also very shabby chic!

Something else that you may not have ever thought to use to decorate your windows is a quilt. Quilts that have been handmade for us by loved ones may not always be our taste as far as the bed goes, but could make wonderful and even whimsical window coverings in a nursery or family room. Thinking of a way to incorporate an item of sentimental value into your décor sure beats having it hidden away in a chest or closet.

And Another Brilliant Idea

Another material often overlooked when you’re trying to dress up a window is paper. Something like Japanese rice paper is ideal because it offers privacy while still allowing light to filter through. And when the light does filter through that’s when you really get to see the beauty of the paper fibers. The way to use rice paper in your windows is to measure out the part of the window that you’d like covered and then choose or make a simple wooden frame (stretcher frame) and stretch and staple the paper over it. You rest it in the window frame and voila!

The window treatments you choose can make the entire room. Window treatments add to the look as well as ambience of a room so by thinking outside the box and trying different things you can really change the entire feel of your home in a way that is all you.