Using Colored Glass

If you want an unusual window treatment, think about colored glass. Whether you use real stained glass with 'lead lighting' or just use transfers, colored glass can give a real accent to any room in the house.

Glass Doors

Stained glass front doors were very popular in Edwardian times and if you are lucky enough to live in such a house, don't replace the beautiful glass; but do consider having it reinforced to prevent burglaries. However, if you live in a high crime neighborhood, you may prefer to remove the glass panel and have it inserted into an internal door or window.

Glass Panels

If you don't want the expense of having a stained glass window made to measure, why not consider getting a glass panel to hang in the window or doorway. It will still catch the light and send beautiful rainbows into your living space, and you can move it around as you like. Small sun-catchers, which you hang in the window, are also a great way to experiment with colored glass and you can get real stained glass ones for around $20 or less. Craft fairs are a great place to look for stained glass artists who can design a unique piece that will become a future heirloom.

Frosted Glass

Stained glass is even available in frosted patterns so you can use it in your bathroom or shower room and do away with curtains or blinds. Even if you don't have an elaborate design, by using colored glass you can give that extra special touch to your bathroom window treatment. If you like variety, you can use removable, stick on transfers that will give you the feel of stained glass without the expense. When you tire of the design, you can easily remove it from the window and replace it with another pattern.

Problem Areas

If you have window that looks out on a brick wall or a garbage dump, replacing the clear glass with a stained glass window will turn an ugly aspect into an admired home feature. High up windows that are hard to clean are also perfect for a stained glass treatment and no one will notice if they get dirty!


You can buy custom made stained glass over the internet from reputable American companies or from abroad in India or China. American products are generally more expensive, but are much better quality, and will last at least 100 years. A simple window of beveled glass can cost as little as $130 for 10"x 22"and will give you years of pleasure. Obviously the larger and more complicated the design the more expensive the window. As with most things, you get what you pay for, so if you buy cheap you may find the beautiful quality of good stained glass just isn't in the cheaper products. If you go to your local art college, you may find a student stained glass artist who will give you an individualized service at a reasonable rate. A student's work may turn into a real investment if you commission a work before they become well known, on the other hand you may not get the sort of guarantee you would get from a major company.