Oh, I Love Your Curtains!

They Add the Finishing Touch - and They're Affordable

Indeed, there is something that happens when a window treatment is perfect for a room. The space becomes a place you want to visit often. Regardless your taste in furnishings, the right window treatment adds dimension and finesse to the room.

Whether you own or rent, are on a budget or have a lot to spend, window dressings can make the room look as though you've had it professionally done. And, one of the easiest ways to treat windows is with curtains or drapes. They are more affordable than other types of window coverings, however, they are still an investment and it is important that you do your research before you buy.

Dipping Your Toe Into the Color Pool

Curtains can change the feel of a room. If you tend to be timid about intense color for the walls, curtains are a good place to try some creativity. You can make a color statement without the commitment and cost of paint or wallpaper - and you can change it quickly if you don't like it. If using color is a new experience for you, there is plenty of help available in the form of color charts, crafts stores and helpful salespeople.

Decide On a Style and Go From There

Choosing a style that best fits your decor can be both fun and challenging. There are so many styles of curtains and drapes available - including the creations you can make yourself - so it is important to take your time and find one you really like and can live with. The type of curtains you choose will determine the type of rod or hanging device you'll need. You can display your flare throughout your home by your choice of rods for your curtains. Again, take your time and choose the rod that best shows off your drapes or curtains and blends with your decor.

Winter, Summer, Fall or Spring - Curtains for the Seasons

One of the wonderful things about curtains is that you can change them with the seasons - or hang curtains that are workable all year. Insulated curtains and drapes can keep the place warm or cool, as well as block light. There are light, airy curtains that make your room feel like a summer breeze is about to blow through and there are cafe curtains that allow light to shine through and give privacy at the same time.

Making a Statement

There are myriad colors and patterns available - from cool blues and greens to warm brown, red and orange blends. You can layer your curtains and drapes for a dramatic look, or buy them extra long and have them puddle at the floor. Artsy patterns or strong graphics make a real statement with lots of attitude. And you can use your own creativity to make a lasting impression.

Personally Yours

Here's an idea. You can display photos of your family on your curtains by using photo transfers. Choose your images and have them copied onto transfer paper at the photo shop. As with any iron-on transfer, you just place them on the curtain, use a hot iron and voila! Personalized curtains. You'll never find them in another house.