The Perfect Frame

The Finishing Touch...

Even with the most wonderful furniture in your room, it can feel incomplete without the right window treatment to finish the look. Window treatments add refinement and style and they pull the space together - setting the mood for your room.

There is no end to the creativity and fun you can have as you design your own solutions to your window covering challenges. Perhaps you've chosen to work with a professional to create the perfect frame for your windows and compliment to your furnishings and finishes.

...Or, The Starting Place

Conversely, decorating a room can sometimes feel very overwhelming. If that's the case, then a good place to start your decorating project could be by focusing on the window treatments. Imagine what sort of mood you want to convey for that particular room - or for your home. Are you considering a light and airy feel or is the English countryside calling you? How about warm and cozy? Or, is your space going to be formal and elegant? All of these decors are best expressed with the window covering or treatment that conveys the feeling you are after.

An Opportunity to Express Yourself

There are as many shapes and designs to windows are there are to houses themselves, which means that your opportunities to express yourself and create your own design are limitless. It's also important to remember that should you decide to put your house on the market, well appointed window design goes a long way to making the sale.

The Multi-functional Factor - Style + Utility

Window treatments today are very multi-functional, especially when it comes to energy conservation. Your bedroom window treatment can block light, retain room temperature and make your room lovely all at the same time. Sunlight in the family room can be utilized, without causing damage to carpeting or furniture, by choosing a window treatment that allows light into the room and blocks the damaging rays of the sun. Today's sheer window shades allow the control of light levels and privacy and soften the look of your home as well. Options include light-filtering or room-darkening features.

Wood, Cordless, Energy Efficient, Blinds, Rollers or Roman - The Variety is Endless

Consider some of these choices: For those who love the look of wide wooden slat blinds but are put off by the chance of warping, cracking and splitting, think about faux or engineered wood; if you have young children at home and are concerned about blind cords, there are a number of cordless options to choose from; energy efficient vertical blinds made from soft fabrics are available without bottom weights and chains; roman shades or roller shades bring the class of drapery or heavier textiles to the window without making it look weighted down - and the list goes on.

Dressing your windows will create the starting point, or add the finishing touches to your home décor, making your home the haven you want it to be.