I Feel Orange

Well, maybe feeling orange isn't quite the way you would phrase your emotions, but there is definitely a link between the way you feel when you are in a room and the color of the room itself. Think about some of the rooms you really love to be in...What is the main color used? Or, how about the reds you often find inside fast-food restaurants? There is a reason behind the use of the color. Red is often used as a means to increase appetite; it raises blood pressure and creates excitement. There's a method to the color choices.

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Side-step the Fad Colors

Certain color choices are appropriate for specific areas of your home, according to your preferences. Wall colors can definitely affect the mood of the room and change the entire look of the space. Don't get caught in the "fad" trap. Just because the magazines are showing pea soup green, it doesn't mean you are required to put the color in your house. Often people paint their homes colors they really don't like because everybody else is doing it. You have to feel comfortable in your home so choose which colors you want and make sure they make you feel the way you want to feel in your space.

The Impact of Color on Mood

Wall colors and mood are serious considerations when choosing paint and the fact that you are creating a huge impact with the color choice should encourage you to take your time and get in touch with your senses.

If you want to create a soothing, calming effect, blue would be a great selection. This color can be used in any room, but bedrooms are usually the first choice. Blue cools and calms the mind, allowing for creativity to flow but it can also have the opposite effect on some people and cause them to feel depressed - so be careful where and how much you use it. Romance and relaxation calls for pink. Surround yourself with lovely, soft pink and set the mood for love. Your bedroom, powder room or even the kitchen nook would be good places to use pink. Red is hot, racing and gets the blood pumping. This is definitely not the color you want in your study, but it would look great as a feature wall in the kitchen, dining room or living room. It can be used wonderfully in a games or family room as well. Since it creates excitement and energy, red is an excellent social color.

Still Beating Heart

Green is calming, creating a secure and relaxing feeling. You will often find green walls in hospitals, doctors' offices or care facilities. Use green in any area you want to create a sense of safety and security. Orange, while not as hot as red, also creates energy. Many people stay away from bright orange. However, use of a softer shade of orange can create a happy mood and it's a wonderful color for kitchens, family rooms and dining areas. Orange also creates a base for the use of fall colors as a decorating theme as it couples well with yellow, red and of course, brown.

Feel The Color as Well as See It

Explore the many sensations of color and make your choices based on the way you feel with a particular color. It's fun and you'll enjoy your space that much more.