Table Lamps for Every Bedroom

The bedroom is an oasis. It's the place where you can relax, read, unwind from a busy day and get away from it all. For your children, their bedroom is a safe haven where they have their precious objects, their books and their thoughts. It is important to consider how you want these spaces to look and to create a décor in each bedroom that conveys the messages that you want to present about your house, your family and yourself. One great way to add a hint of extra pizzazz to any bedroom is through table lamps.

Table Lamps for the Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, you can enjoy two table lamps. Purchase matching table lamps to place on the side tables at either side of your bed. These side tables are a welcome place to put your reading materials, your glasses, your cup of water and more. A table lamp serves a very practical purpose, of course, as it allows you to read in bed without getting up to turn off the light. It also creates just the right amount of illumination in the evening hours without overpowering the room. You'll easily find table lamps to match your existing décor, or you can create a slightly new look in the room with a table lamp that contrasts with your present design theme. For a truly eclectic look, purchase two table lamps that are distinctly different, creating a mix-and-match set that is fun and unique.

Table Lamps in the Kids' Rooms

Your children will enjoy using table lamps just as much as you will. Place a table lamp next to a child's bed and encourage reading before bedtime. Put a table lamp on your child's desk so that he will have directed light for doing homework. You can also place a table lamp on a bedroom dresser or on a bookcase, allowing a smaller amount of light for sleepy mornings and late nights. Lamps are a fun way to add a bit of extra décor to a child's room. Find lamps that match with existing themes or select lamps that are full of colors and are dramatic. Your son will love his baseball table lamp and your daughter will cherish her princess one!

Table Lamps in the Guest Room

A table lamp is also an inviting item in a guest room. Guests love having a comfortable place to stay. Placing a table lamp by the bedside allows your guest to curl up in bed with a good book and to feel at home. In addition, it creates added illumination to accompany the overhead light.

Practical and Fun

Table lamps are generally smaller, more versatile and more cost-effective than are floor lamps or overhead lighting. They don't need to be installed, as do many lighting choices, and they add just the right amount of directed light. Simply purchase a table lamp, plug it in and enjoy! Viola!