The Ultimate Bedroom Solution

Whether you're looking to put some finishing touches on your bedroom décor, complete a bedroom set, add a sophisticated accent to your room, or find a way to conveniently place glasses, books, alarm clocks, tissues, and other knick knacks next to your bed, nightstands are the perfect bedroom solution! Available in the gamut of styles, sizes, colors, and finishes to complement any bedroom décor, and featuring drawers or open shelves, nightstands fit the bill - and the budget! Also known as bedside tables, nightstands are sold as single units or in pairs (as a set of "his" and "her" bedside tables), and are also included in many bedroom sets.

Nightstand Styles

Nightstands are charming, practical, choice pieces of bedroom furniture. No matter what type of bedroom you are furnishing - a children's bedroom, teenager bedroom, guest bedroom, master bedroom, bedroom suite, or dormitory bedroom - there is a nightstand to compliment, match, or accentuate your existing bedroom décor, or to provide an interesting decorative contrast.

While they are typically not the centerpiece or focal point of a bedroom, nightstands go a long way in enhancing and upgrading the look of any room. Today's popular picks in nightstand styles include: antique, contemporary, Oriental, rustic, traditional, modern, Adirondack, tropical, country, masculine, feminine, kids', and more.

Nightstand Materials

When it comes to nightstand materials, the selection is just as varied. Look for: wood nightstands (i.e., cherry, oak, pine, maple, and more), wicker nightstands, metal nightstands, glass-top nightstands, colored nightstands, black nightstands, white nightstands, leather nightstands, rattan nightstands, slide-out nightstands, and mahogany nightstands, as well as nightstands and bedside tables made from bamboo, chrome, glass, MDF, marble, log, laminate, stone, teak, faux leather, iron, and more.

Nightstand Features

Whether you enjoy an open look or the safety of a closed space, today's nightstands offer an array of features designed to meet your shelving, storage, and cleaning needs. When shopping for a nightstand, consider the following nightstand features:

•- No drawers

•- One or two drawers

•- Multiple (up to seven) drawers

•- Mirrored cabinet

•- One-door cabinet

•- Two-door cabinet

•- Slide-out shelf

•- Storage alcove

Nightstand Uses

According to its most basic definition, a nightstand is an end table designed to stand beside the head of a bed (or elsewhere in a bedroom). While traditionally used to hold personal items during sleep or to place items required during the night, the range of nightstand functions has rapidly evolved and expanded over time. As a result, nightstands have gone from being mere bedroom accessories to bona-fide pieces of essential bedroom furniture.

Here some of the many modern uses and items commonly found on bedside tables and nightstands:

•- Telephone/Cell Phone

•- Lamp (Reading Light)

•- Reading Material

•- Alarm Clock (Clock Radio)

•- Wristwatch

•- Eye Glasses

•- Contact Lenses and Solutions

•- Box of tissues/Kleenex

•- Medication

•- Glass of water

•- Remote control for TV, VCR, or DVD player

•- Framed photos of family and friends

•- Day Planner

Do-it-Yourself (Homemade) Nightstands

If you are in need of a functional bedside table rather than a decorative nightstand, there are many household items and homemade solutions which can provide the performance you require. At the same time, do-it-yourself nightstands can be just as fashionable, pretty, handsome, creative, and crafty as their store-bought counterparts.

If you want to save money or if you have an urge to dabble in some home interior decorating, here are some innovative nightstand ideas to consider:

•- Drape an attractive cover over an old filing cabinet and place at your bedside (perfect for businesspeople who do office work in bed or review notes and checklists under the covers...)

•- A small bathroom cabinet, complete with glass-sliding doors and shelves, works well as a convenient, easy-to-clean nightstand

•- A simple shelf (made from metal , plastic, or wood) serves to hold simple items, such as books, personals, clocks, and more

•- Stack and decorate old storage boxes - and voila! A nightstand is born