Great Storage Containers

Attractive Solutions

Storage containers can make the difference between clutter and cachet, especially when you look for attractive solutions that not only serve a practical purpose but make a fashion statement. If you're the type to do hands-on decorating projects, storage containers are made for you, since most projects of this type are not only simple to create, but take almost no time at all.

Dual Purpose

If you live in a small space, one really great storage container is the wooden trunk or footlocker, since they can double as coffee tables as well as give ample storage space. A flat topped trunk is what you're looking for, so you'll have a nice flat surface for setting out drinks, treats, books, candles, and flowers. Underneath is the perfect spot to stow extra quilts and bedding or books and magazines. A trunk takes up no more room than a coffee table but serves a double need by providing storage. You can't go wrong. Dress it up with a throw, an old tablecloth or runner, or give it an antique look with paint.

A large wicker basket with a lid is also a handsome and sensible storage solution. The surface isn't as steady as a trunk, but the wicker looks great and is light weight enough to be moved from room to room. You can use one as a hamper in the bedroom or bathroom. Leave them natural or paint them white for a clean, breezy look.

Look for hard-backed suitcases in second hand shops and stack them against a wall. These have an urbane look, especially when they have stickers affixed to them announcing their sojourns to various ports of call. This is a very cool look for college apartments or NY lofts and is a convenient method for storing the accumulated clutter from a small room. Wait for the comments on these eye-catching storage containers.

A home improvement store is a great place to find creative storage solutions just waiting for you to snatch them up. An example is lattice, which can be turned into an organizer on the skinniest stretch of wall or door in your home. This is another attention getter that is practical as well as handsome.

Lattice can be painted or stained to fit in with your décor. Then you can affix cabinet pulls, antique or interesting drawer knobs, hooks, or hangers. Once you've got hooks, knobs, or whatever you've chosen, you can use these to hang scarves, long beaded necklaces, bath towels, pots and pans, and dishtowels. This idea is a landlord's dream since it keeps his walls pristine from holes and damage. And you've got enough places to hang all your odds and ends.