Attractive Storage: When Function Meets Fashion

Does the idea of shopping for storage make you want to snore? It doesn’t have to! You can choose storage that is as fashionable as it is functional so that you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics in the name of usable storage.

Dual Purpose Items

Forget unsightly storage bins when you can instead opt for pieces of furniture that do double duty. With homes getting smaller, designers have been focusing on creating items that have a double purpose and incorporate storage. Things like ottomans and coffee tables with storage underneath are a great solution for cleaning up your kid’s toys in a pinch or storing books, magazines and even bedding for a pull-out sofa in your living room. A secretary desk or elegant hutch can keep your work and home life separate even in the smallest home. And, if storage bins and baskets are your thing; most contemporary wall units are made to accommodate baskets or bins that hide your things while adding to the style of the unit.

Look Up

You can de-clutter a tiny space easily if you set your sights up high. Making better use of your vertical space is easy if you look for storage solutions that maximize the height of a room. Utilizing space that would otherwise be wasted is a great way to get stuff out of the way even if you’re short on space. Wall units and bookshelves can be bought in higher heights or you can hang premade or custom cupboards as high up as you like. Consider hanging cabinets above your desk or even over your bed. Look for wall units and book shelves that have matching extensions in case you decide to build up one day.

Some other great ways to get storage out of your space’s height is to look for ways to hang your belongings so that they blend into your decor. A hanging pot rack is an easy solution for a small kitchen that can also add to the look of your kitchen. And, a ceiling or wall-mounted bike can add whimsy to a small apartment while also tending to what could otherwise be a storage emergency! It may take a little creativity and a willingness to think outside the book—or storage bin in this case—but a few well hung hooks and shelves can get your clutter off the floor.