Kitty Chic

Americans love their pets and often spare no expense to make them comfortable and happy. Homeowners who happen to have a beloved kitty-cat may want to explore adapting their home décor so that it incorporates feline features. For some cat-owners, this means investing in a cat condo.

Kitty Comfort

Cat condos come in a variety of styles and sizes. Choosing the right cat condo has a lot to do with the dimensions of the room as well as the space within that you've chosen to dedicate to kitty comfort. Cat condos come in sizes of under 60" to 76" plus. Keep in mind that a bigger condo means your cat will have more air and more room to stretch and exercise.

Some cat owners buy the cat condo as a sleeping area, while other cat owners hope that the condo will serve a dual purpose and provide a place for kitty to play. This is of special importance for the indoor cat. In this case, you may wish to choose a condo that has sleeping quarters plus a cat gym, cat climber, or cat tree.

Plush Place

These special spaces have enclosed sleeping areas as well as platforms made for cat-perching and lounging. You can lend interest to the space to keep your cat active longer by adding a rope toy or a dangling toy mouse. The play space should offer your cat a variety of activities, for instance hiding, jumping, and climbing. A scratching post is a nice addition. The sleeping space is often lined with soft material, such as a faux fur, so that puss has a plush place to rest.

Cat condos come with various types of sleeping accommodations. The condo may come equipped with a hammock or a cradle. There may be multiple sleeping areas so that the space can service several kitties at once. Of course, the sky's the limit for choosing the condo carpeting. Many owners like animal prints and opt for zebra, leopard, or tiger stripes. You don't have to be faithful to nature. A purple zebra print may be just the thing for Felix.

Outdoorsy Look

If you prefer a more natural look, cedar cat tree condos or those with a rustic look, are easy to find and purchase. This can be a nice choice for an outdoor cat who feels more comfortable with an outdoorsy look.

Some cat owners opt out of the fancy cat condo options and choose a cat tent, instead. These are portable and lightweight and please the more practical pet owner. The tents can be folded flat for storage and come in a multitude of sizes, shapes, and colors. Many cat tents come complete with a hanging mouse toy to stimulate playful feline activity. Cat tents are made from sturdy man made materials.