One of a Kind Window Treatments

Getting unique and stylish window treatments for your home doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little creativity, you can have unique and beautiful window treatments without having to pay the inflated designer prices.

Thinking Outside the Package

Inexpensive store bought curtains can quickly take on the appearance of stylish designer window treatments if you add your own unique touches to them. You’re really only limited by your imagination here because discount department stores are full of super-cheap curtains in all kinds of shapes, lengths and colors that are just waiting for your personal touch! A pair of simple panels can be turned into trendy masterpieces by adding details like stencilling, blocks of color using bold squares of fabric or even some sparkle with beads. A harsh curtain can get some instant glam and femininity thanks to some ribbon in a contrasting color—think fuchsia on black! And, your button jar will go a long way in creating a colourful and whimsical window treatment for a child’s room.

Get Your Scissors Ready

Cheap window treatments that scream style are also easily achieved thanks to a pair of scissors. One of the best ways to take cheap panels from boring to fabulous is to create some simple cut-outs that allow the light to peek through, adding a certain je ne sais quoi to a window treatment. You can do this by drawing any shape that tickles your fancy onto some cardboard and then cutting it out. Lay the cheap panels flat on the floor and trace the outline of your shape using chalk. Smaller shapes work best because they’re more forgiving.  They can be placed along the edges of your panels or all over if that’s your preference. Simply use your scissors to cut the designs out of your curtains and voila! Just be sure to use a steady hand so that your edges don’t look too shoddy or unfinished.


You may be surprised to know that by simply layering some panels, you could create incredible window treatments that are full of dimension and flair. Layering is easy and can be done using contrasting colors or textures. Try white panels with an under layer of black peeking through for a dramatic effect or hang sheers over an opaque panel in a similar colour for subtle elegance. Not a fan of sheers? Then try some lace. The greatest thing about layering when it comes to window treatments is that you can experiment to your heart’s content and return the panels or drapes that don’t work for you.