Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors aren't just practical objects that allow you to check that your lipstick is on your lips and not on your chin. They stand in as great artwork because they come in all shapes and sizes and can be used in myriad ways. You can buy them in every price range and style. You can find antique mirrors loaded with rich history, or play with small mirror tiles to make an interesting design that will enliven a boring wall.

Hunt It Down

What if you fail to find a framed mirror that pleases you? Not to worry. Just look for a picture frame you like. Hunt down the one you love at garage sales or at frame shops. Once you have the frame, just have it fit with a mirror. Voila. A mirror, just the way you like it.

Mirrors have a chameleon-like quality for those interested in design. That's because they absorb the look of whatever happens to be in the near vicinity. Put a mirror over the mantel of your fireplace to play up the furnishings contained within the room 

Because mirrors are neutral, they can be used and reused as the whim strikes. But keep in mind that mirrors should reflect the room and not your ceiling. The mirror placed over your mantelpiece should be tilted downward so it displays the beautiful objects in your room.

Unexpected Places

Hang mirrors in unexpected places to add a bit of punch to a space. Don't be afraid to experiment and see what views you generate by placing a mirror in a new or unusual spot. Think of yourself as a photographer, trying different lenses to get different effects.

Mirrored pieces can give the same effect as framed mirrors but with an interesting twist. One savvy home designer hung her collection of antique hand mirrors all over the walls of a small powder room. Talk about wow.

If you want a dramatic setting for dinner parties, use mirrors in your dining room or even on your dining room table. Framed mirrors can double as trays. Think of the shining beauty of a silver tea service sitting atop a framed mirror! Or place miniature fruit tarts on a framed mirror and surround the tarts with votive candles.

If you're trying to bring a sophisticated look to a space, shoot for a large mirror in the regency style. Because of their large size, the mirrors can stand on the floor, leaning against a wall, or be hung over a sofa or a buffet.

If your foyer is very large, here's a simple design idea to try that can add some drama to the space: place a long sofa table along the wall and hang a regency mirror above the table.  Next, place a big olive jar on the table and fill it with tree branches. The tree limbs will be reflected in the mirror.